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? >>> u.s. leaders in the american people were rocked by news of the conflict attack and the ambassador murdered what we're learning about it possible hidden motives. he was a tremendous man and is such a terrible loss. the ambassador is that a huge blow in the bay, many of his friends and colleagues are remembering his commitment to public service. there waves my witnesses are rooting for the robbers in an l.a. police chase. >>> good evening and danny came. embassadors to libya and bay area native christopher stephens killed in the country he was trying to say. stevens was among four u.s. and plans to die in an assault on u.s. consulate in benghazi and tonight u.s. warships are moving into position off the coast of libya and there is evidence the attack may have been an act of terrorism reporter elizabeth cook shows us how the attack went down and help political leaders are reacting tonight. can u.s. intelligence officials tell cbs news this was not an out of control demonstrations u.s. intelligence suspects the suspect that they took advantage of last month's demonstration against an
is meaningless. >>> another element to the seige according to d.a.'s office on monday the board will let the public defender's tell if they have to endure a pay cut and. they threatened to strike if there is a pay cut if they do the d.a.'s office may be forced to strike in conjunction or independently. elizabeth cook cbs 5 >>> a violent anti-american protest spread to more than one dozen countries sending forces to shore up security to u.s. embassies. in tunisia smoke from the u.s. and busy after protesters stormed that tore down the american flat at two people killed another 40 injured. authorities in cairo blocking the route to the u.s. embassy protesters clashed with police. authorities have trouble keeping anti-american demonstrators out of the city square. the bodies of four americans killed in tuesday's attack in libya and arrived in united states today. president obama and secretary of state clinton paid tribute to the man. nancy cordes shows us the emotional homecoming. >>> the remains of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others carried out the military plan. into a hangar
threatening u.s. interests. in cairo protesters clashed with police who fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. number of protesters are dwindling they can rest at tomorrow's planned 1 million men protest. we learn more about who might be behind the assault on the u.s. consulate in libya. elizabeth cook on who they are and how they infiltrated what was supposed to beat a secret safe house. >>> a deputy interior minister said attacks organized in a two- part operation i have on militance he said they may have been tipped off to the location of the safe house by a spy within security forces. a radical islamic group according to u.s. officials the leading suspect in the attack. the name means " supporters of islamic law " u.s. officials described as offshoot of al qaeda. one of these supporters was photographed at the scene. some officials have made arrests. the fbi begins the investigation by interviewing 30 american survivors now at u.s. military base in germany. the attacker struck at 10:00 p.m. local time to stay within 15 minutes inside the compound firing on main building. the ambassador ch
as african-american men in their 20's or '40's >>> burlington a neighborhood on alert to amend spotted and impersonating pg&e workers the men tried to gain access to homes on poppy drive residents say the impostors wear hard hats and that's the man asked to check corrosion on gas meters both laugh when asked to show id police said ms. a good reminder to ask for company id. >>> petaluma national little league team honored today by the oakland a's at the coliseum a chance of a lifetime the team got to go on the field and stretch with the pros and play catch get some autographs this happen before the a's and red sox game this evening. for little leaguers it was something they will never forget. >>> not a lot of kids from petaluma get to go to the oakland coliseum and stretch with the oakland a's and get their autographs. that is so cool. >>> petaluma his team finished 5-to an end ceres + the heart record to 10 the sea after coming back from a 10-5 deficit a parade honoring the team this sunday. this weekend marks the beginning of football season for many high schools and colleges in san j
the case that president obama's plans are more likely to return the u.s. to the economic prosperity enjoyed when he was president. we believe that we're all in this is a far better philosophy then if you're on your own. >>> president obama's will deliver his acceptance speech thursday night. daniel nottingham's cbs news charlotte's. duckweeds test for president clinton in california and got prime-time billing state attorney general, harris took to the states to back the president. dissuades president obama's stood with me and 48 other attorneys general and taking on the banks and winning $25 billion for a struggling homeowners. that is leadership. that is the president obama's said. and that is why we need to get hemmed another four years. the airways the attorney general of california is being held as one of the rising stars in the democratic party. >>> it's supposed to help low- income residents and it's paying off for nearly put people making nearly six figures. that is supposed to work on the honor system. we've learned about the big complex and may be inconvenient opening of the bay
to pressure from the u.s. government the supermarket agrees to start using that e verify program to confirm employment eligibility for future workers. >>> many hispanic retailers are pushed to adopt the program >>> e verify a government run program and verify social security numbers with u.s. government records but its accuracy is less than 50% >>> the decision weighed on as we understand there's criticism about the program we agree with the criticisms however it is something we have been asked to do as a recommendation from a homeland security. >>> the decision met with protest from religious and labor leaders. the chain was founded by a mexican american immigrant. they are accused of using e verify to in it intimidate workers. >>> it is curious they adopt this in the immigrant community with immigrant workers and clientele >>> the retail clerks' union battles against the program for years trying to organize its workers this is the first time that called a boycott scheduled to begin saturday. len romney this cbs 5 >>> the rush is on you could save money by shopping on-line over nine days
there many enjoyed sunshine and highs in the '90s set the stage for a beautiful evening. clear skies with fog will be moving in later tonight. livermore still smiled oakland checks in at 60, san francisco 56, san jose 654 tonight and early tomorrow foggy night at the coast, down to 53 mid-50s with fog along the bay clear conditions and chilly down to the mid 50s inland spots. what we have tropical moisture made it to southern california moving in our direction, by wednesday clouds will be on the way you notice the change by wednesday, future cast a nice day tomorrow of the fog burns back to the coast, hot and and once again, now look at wednesday that is not rainfall but cloud cover we will have plenty of it on wednesday a cloudy change for middle of the week and a shortened school week. fought for the bay and the coast inland areas hot in the '90s once again tomorrow. looking at high temperatures fremont 88, livermore 96, oakland 72, the drop in temperatures wednesday and thursday increase in clouds and mid '80s sunshine back. the sunshine continues through the weekend sports is next. >>> ra
like to see presidents do. from 1998 when u.s. state senator and illinois. did waves they said he believed in the redistribution of wealth which romney says continues to define obama's exit at, then but it's around the tape and a campaign continuing to handle its that is still define the contest tonight. >>> as a cut cbs five. >>> ended is a contest president obama's offers his take on all this nonsense late show with david letterman. here's somebody had to say. my expectation is not just for some. keep it right here you can see the entire interview later tonight on cbs five. so are these 47 percent of americans? a news reporter explains most of them do in fact pay federal taxes and those who don't probably did the for their entire lives. >>> when governor romney says 47 percent of americans pay no federal income taxes is a last year 46 percent of americans paid income-tax. >>> it's got around to his rights. to equate to the non- partisan tax policy center to be precise 46.4 percent of americans pay no federal tax. the paper federal payroll taxes supporting so security and med
be prevented every year in the u.s. alone. neighbors are glad the mayor did not get special treatment. >>> just because he is the mayor does not mean he should get off if other people did not. the mayor has been battling the police union over layoffs after a decade of budget deficits reposed for pension reform that the voters overwhelmingly approved. did we do think there was a vendetta? i didn't see any evidence of that. >>> and the mayor will likely just pay the $35 fine unless the court fees. we tried calling police but did not hear back. i'll be using my turn signals tonight. >>> good idea. new tonight protesters say they want justice fall in the city's fifth deadly shooting by police officer this year the set up to the council meeting tonight and tonight their voices were heard in the most recent officer involved shooting police say 23 year-old man reached for what appeared to be a weapon before they shot him dead and it turned out to be a pellet gun. you guys are slandering my brother's name calling america early when he was never on parole and has never been to prison and ha
the endeavor? but you know the answer to that from lax dave lopez cbs 5 >>> you can see more pictures at cbs s f dot com click on the shuttle link >>> a presidential candidate in the bay area republican nominee mitt romney arrived at sfo late this afternoon and then went to hillsborough for a fund-raising dinner the cost up to $50,000 up%, among the attendees former secretary of state george shultz and billionaire paul ron siegel he made headlines before the arrival with his 2011 tax returns sharon chin looks at the numbers for us >>> romney pay more taxes than he needed till he took a smaller deduction for charitable contributions so he fulfilled a campaign promise mitt romney and his wife earned $14 million and in come mostly from investments and paid $2 million in taxes a 14% tax red a third less than what top earners pay because investment income is taxed at a lower rate during romney and arrived in the bay area for a private fund-raiser in hillsborough that cost from 1000 to $50,000 per person, he spoke with scott pelley >>> how do you turn this thing around? what do you do? >>> we have t
the weekend looks excellent. the bay bridge clear skies. 61 degrees in oakland 67 san francisco mid-50s santa rosa. the days are getting shorter 66 in concord. radar shows crystal clear the driest time of year it has never rained ever in six of the first 10 days of san francisco. the driest time of the year. we have and onshore flow kicking in overnight mid 50s for the coast some morning fog for the bay especially north bay. partly cloudy skies inland tonight. we have cloud cover off shore. we have a big counterclockwise world off shore upper level low pressure is over the eastern pacific, with the light onshore flow there will be some clouds and fog in the morning a lot of afternoon sunshine. we will stay below normal below normal temperatures. fog moves back in after midnight, sunshine both weekend afternoons temperatures cooler than normal. san francisco's 65 tomorrow. san jose 5 degrees cooler than average at 78. concord 86 degrees. fremont 77, beautiful weekend in napa 85 a hive. you're extended forecast of give you consistency sunshine inland all the way through next week's to the mid-7
information. >>> as we learn more about kenny was a u.s. army reserve in the city for seven years tonight is here with family by his side fighting for his life. >>> shots fired an officer on the freeway. at the officers possibly down. a shooting that left the father of four and chp officer of seven years on my support. his family and extended family from southern california visiting throughout the evening. we hope for the vast amounts to come home. sergeant dan mcdermott says the officer is not only a co-worker he is a good friends. >>> is one of those people dead will give you the time of the day when you have a problem. the chp is making a traffic stop when the driver opened fire another officer who arrived as back up shot and wounded the suspect he then helped the injured officer until paramedics arrived. the suspect was out of hospital they've learned she'd he was driving was last registered to a person in a point registered owner couldn't afford the telling fees and less in the hands of the 2 yd he hadn't seen as chief since until now. we haven't seen the suspect. the waves the off
counties. the d.a.'s office went from 102 people to 73 the public defender when from 74 to 51, contra costa area is work hard to balance the budget. another official says the cuts mandated are similar to sacrifices made by other employees and a sense of fairness. >>> the board of supervisors gave 1000 nurses a 3 percent raise, and they gave and cut the deputy district attorney salary eight% >>> public defender spirit retirement cuts. the district attorney has offered to pay the deputy district da's from his own budget county officials will talk tomorrow about contingency plans. >>> one or two days the rest of my management team can prevent cases from being dismissed if the strike by some groups were to result in da's not going to court, you could have cases dismissed or criminals released from custody. >>> the deputy da's me tomorrow they would decide to strike, public defenders still meet with the county to have won more negotiation session set up in martinez ann notorangelo cbs 5 >>> coptic christians are joining muslims to denounce the anti muslim movie and the violence >>> secondly we
. >>> driver of an s u v and went out of control it a pedestrian and slammed into a restaurant this happened at 5:00 p.m. on fourth street downtown san rafael as the farmer's market was setting up, unclear how the s u v ended up inside the restaurant a 78 rolled woman was get pushed into the restaurant and trapped under the vehicle she was pulled out and take into marin general hospital. no word on air-conditioned. >>> the street was closed to traffic except vendors >>> the farmers' market when on a scheduled the restaurant was closed at the time of the crash no one was inside except someone cleaning up she was not hurt in less than 12 hours shuttle endeavor seen in the bay area it landed at edwards air force base aboard the piggyback 747 this afternoon in tomorrow morning it takes one last flight around northern california before its permanent home the california at science center museum in los angeles. >>>shuttle has ever been to northern california before >>> nasa says you should be able to use see the shuttle everywhere all over the bay area but will fog be a problem we check in with met
pleasant of the '70s but below average and phoenicia 73 and pleasanton 77. south of it nevadas and a lot coming in 75 in alameda 16 degrees the one chilly day tomorrow and '70s near the bay for friday and saturday and on sunday much cooler and clatter on sunday before we head back near 70 degrees for the middle of next week. no rainfall but the temperatures are certainly on the move. eteocles a tiny fragment of tax with some big mw about jesus comes from the new testament and it says nothing about marital status but a few words written long after his death had just come to life. reporter alan does it reports they have started a debate about whether jesus was really a bachelor. it's no bigger than a business card this tattered piece of papyrus contains some intriguing phrases. he said his disciples my wife and in the next sentence he says she is able to be my disciple. harvard divinity school professor said the phrase my wife and the idea jesus may have had a female disciples have not appeared before an historical writing. he was given the five men by an anonymous collector and while she
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15